Steps of LBT

Here are the six steps of the Logic Based Therapy (LBT) process, concisely stated by Dr. Elliot Cohen, founder of LBT:
  1. "Formulate the emotional reasoning (practical syllogism) you are using to make yourself feel and act in self-defeating ways;
  2. Identify any Cardinal Fallacies in your premises, that is, any of the eleven faulty thinking errors recognized by LBT, which have a major propensity to mess up your personal and/or interpersonal happiness;
  3. Refute the fallacy identified by proving it is, indeed, a fallacy (that is, irrational);
  4. Identify a guiding virtue or ideal toward which you can aspire to offset your fallacy and live more happily;
  5. Adopt a philosophy that promotes your guiding virtue;
  6. Construct a concrete plan of action to put your philosophy into practice."
Another statement of the method of LBT, from Critical Thinking Unleashed: