At a session, or through a series of sessions, you can expect to work to:
  • identify your emotions, i.e., how you are feeling and what you are experiencing those emotions about:
  • identifying the reasoning that leads you to feel this way, that is, the premises that you accept that result in your feelings;
  • evaluating your premises: false or unreasonable premises or assumptions are the root of many problems: they need to be identified and recognized as faulty:
  • find "antidotes" to these false or unreasonable premises, i.e., new, better patterns of reasoning with true, well-supported premises to better enable your happiness and flourishing;
  • exercises and activities to develop your willpower and insight, to help internalize your awareness that they are not true, are unproductive and should be rejected
Fees afterwards are based on a sliding scale, with $40 as a base fee for an approximately hour and 15 minute session, payable with cash, check or credit card via Paypal (to or Venmo. This includes an email follow up with a reflective summary of the session and suggestions for belief and feeling-changing exercises and activities. 

Skype (or similar) sessions are also available. 

You will be met with warmth, validation, empathy, encouragement and a listening ear that seeks to understand. You will also be challenged to evaluate your own beliefs and patterns of reasoning and supported in making positive changes in how you think, feel and act. 

Dr. Nobis usually meets with people in the City of Decatur, GA, but other locations in the Atlanta area can be arranged. He also does Skype meetings and phone sessions also. 

Please contact Dr. Nobis at 404-825-1740  or email

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